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Increased machine imports indicate increased investment in industrial and infrastructural development. Businesses in Bangladesh typically import machineries to develop industrial facilities and build up new factories.

China, Japan, Turkey, and Germany are among the top partner nations from which Bangladesh imports machine. In July 2021, Bangladesh Imports Capital Machinery was recorded as 27,886.813 BDT mn. This is higher than the previous figure of 26,216.700 BDT million in June 2021. Bangladesh Imports Capital Machinery data is updated monthly, with 193 observations averaging 15,060.000 BDT mn from July 2005 to July 2021. (Source: Bangladesh Bank)

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According to Bangladesh bank, total 18% of Imports are Machineries from worldwide which includes Germany, Netherlands, USA, Japan, UK, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Canada, India, China.