6/5, Moneswar Road, Zigatala, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh

Internal Values

Service Excellence- Filbert committed to exceeding our customer’s expectation through its service and excellence

Transparency and Collaboration- Filbert following transparent for commercial secrecy as well as collaborative approaches

Corporate Citizenship- Filbert just good in corporate neighbors as well as active in the social and commercial communities where we live and work

Shared Common Goal- Filbert engaging a shipper or bringing on a new employee or any carriers, or stockholders then Filbert firstly aligns goals with its much specified goals. After clearly state our goals to each party in our ecosystem, we often find we accomplish our goals more efficiently

Respect for Others– Filbert works in global marketplace that’s why they believe great cultural differences make them stronger

Continuous Improvement- We are committed to the constant effort of developing and improving our services and technology. This commitment is found in the beach that by continuously adding value in innovative ways, we will assure long-term success

Advocacy- Since Filbert is a freight service company so its main job to make the excellent product to sale its customer. But these are only possible to keep customers and carriers happily beside with us considering authenticate future prospects and analysis of coming business forecasting

Sustainable Relationship- Filbert is in Commitment, Compromise, Caring, Companionship, and Communication to build a better long term relationship with everybody’s as well as has an unabashed, unrestricted, and unconditional love that binds all of our efforts together. Love provides the reason for our coming together, and definitely for our staying together