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Live Visibility

In today’s world, live visibility in logistics is a must to satisfies its clients. It refers to logistical processes that monitor and trace items and shipments from suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, and hubs to end customers in real time that Filbert can do.

The use of GPS tracking and sophisticated software to provide real-time visibility in the supply chain allows organizations to plan, manage, and monitor logistics operation at all times. Filbert Logistics gives real-time access to traceable information such as:

  • Order receipts
  • Cargo status
  • Shipment details
  • Regulatory information followed by local’s rules and guideline
  • The exact status to delivery of the order to ultimate customer

Filbert’s live visibility starts from supplier warehousing to order fulfillment. Freight visibility and shipment tracking help companies to get information about cargo/shipments.

Live Visibility Improve:

  • Cost-Effectiveness of total SCM/TQM
  • Heavy customer experience
  • Risk Relieve
  • Help in logistics administration