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Dangerous Movement

Any chemical or item that can pose an unjustifiable risk to health, safety, or property when carried in commerce is classified as a dangerous good. The first step in reducing the hazards caused by dangerous items is to identify them. Proper packaging, communication, handling, and storage will help to limit the dangers posed by the product. There are 9 Classes of Dangerous Goods-

  • Explosive materials (Class 1)
  • Gases (Class 2)
  • Flammable Liquids (Class 3)
  • Flammable Solids (Class 4)
  • Oxidizing Substances and Organic Pesticides (Class 5)
  • Toxic and Infections Substances (Class 6)
  • Radioactive Materials (Class 7)
  • Corrosive Materials (Class 8)
  • Miscellaneous (Class 9)

Importers must provide the following papers in original to acquire approval/NOC for Dangerous Goods-

  • Invoice, packing list, and bill of lading
  • The CCI has issued an authorization certificate
  • The Department of concern governmental department’ license to import/export

Our qualified dangerous goods specialists and customer service representatives can assist with every step of the shipping procedure, from cargo acceptance and clearance to risk control and current Dangerous Goods Regulations.


Filbert have resources / certified professional serving Category/Class6 under classification by IATA authority that handle dangerous goods (also called Hazardous Cargo) based on the substances, materials, and articles covered by the IMDG Code.

Service Includes-

  • Manpower that is certified and capable of providing all services
  • Assigns the proper cargo classification, PSN, and hazard information
  • Ensure that goods are properly packed, secured on pallets, and stuffed into containers
  • Guarantees that others (packers, container stuffers) follow the rules
  • Prepares accurate and complete paperwork and submits it
  • Provides information to carriers on stowage precautions, particularly for goods that reacts to other cargo when stored together