6/5, Moneswar Road, Zigatala, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh

Filbert World

Corporate Profile

Overall as we have more than 40 years of work experience, we love to do anything new which is useful for people and country. From there, we are thinking of expanding several new businesses, but of course, these all are just an initiative to give something good to people.

Vision: Always preferring quality products and customer centric service to reach us at unique business world

Mission: Focuses on our team member by using their brilliant ideas to enhance customer satisfaction on our product and service

Philosophy: Trust, care, inclusion, innovation, dedication, partnership


Social Responsibility

Our aim is to go beyond the business sector’s regular operation of producing a certain range of products and services in the most efficient and economical manner.
Relief for Natural Disaster

The unique geographical position of Bangladesh has made it vulnerable mostly to water-related natural hazards like floods, coastal cyclones & river erosion. Recently, arsenic contamination of ground water has emerged as a serious nationwide crisis of mass poisoning. In any national crisis we always stepped up as a part of social commitment.


We always consider education to be the strongest system for the sustainable development of our country. Believing education is to be always aligned with creative and resourceful activities like debates, art competitions, science fairs, etc. Our activities in the educational sector include Initiatives to enhance the capability by providing scholarship for poor and brilliant students, financial support for education for underprivileged children, literacy programs.

Women Empowerment

Filbert promotes economic growth while increasing women’s empowerment. Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in the last 20 years in improving the lives of women and girls. Maternal mortality rates are falling, fertility rate is declining & there is greater gender parity in school enrolment. We support at risk of child marriage, gender-based violence, human trafficking, and violent extremism. has provided shelter services, psycho-social counseling, legal services, job skills training & job-placement support for survivors to empower them.


Our aim is to make people understand and accept people with autism, foster worldwide support, and inspire people. It is a day that spread kindness and autism awareness. World Autism Awareness Day is held every year on April 2 since 2007. It is recognized by the United Nations member states as a day to remember the rights of autistic individuals around the world. We’re planning to take initiatives to- sports for Autism, therapeutic equipment, merit scholarships & after school support.

Environmental Sustainability

Our aims to reduce any damaging effects on the environment from business processes. Activities focus on- recycling, waste reduction, reducing water consumption, reducing energy use, reducing plastic consumption, using renewable energy providers, reducing GHG emissions, adopting sustainable transport policies. Caring about the environment can increase revenue too. Many customers prefer to buy from responsible companies.


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