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Sea Air Services

It’s an attractive solution for delay cargo delivery of shipper’s by reducing Direct Air cost to go for SEA AIR combined movement by vessel and Aircraft, means ship then fly. But from Bangladesh 2 gateway named CMB and DXB is very lucrative for clients since transit time respectively 10 days to 15 days cut from the direct Sea TT from ASIA to EUROPE/USA nearly 30 days required.

  • Mostly using 2 transshipment named CMB and DXB out of SIN
  • General transit time required via DXB 15-18, SIN/CMB 10-12 days to EU/USA
  • Calculation of Transit time ex CGP to CMB/SIN= 4-5 days+ (CMB to DXB=6-7 days)+ Reworking 1-2 days from CY to AIRPORT+ Destination Airport required  TT 2-3 days