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Husqvarna Weed Eater Reviews

For a 2-stroke engine, you’ll have to either mix gasoline and oil or buy a premixed fuel blend. While this can seem like an inconvenience, it also means that you won’t have to perform regular oil changes. With the CRAFTSMAN WS205, you can save even more money and still get a high-quality weed eater. At 14 pounds, it’s on the heavier side and may be difficult for some homeowners to carry for a long time. Gas-powered models, though loud and bad for the environment, are really the only option if you need a high level of power coupled with high mobility.

This model isn’t super light in weight but it isn’t too heavy either, and the adjustable handle lets you find a working position that’s comfortable and ergonomic for you. After reading through husqvarna weed eater reviews all the models in this review, you should have your eye on the ideal brush cutter for your yard. This review has a model to suit any gardening requirement, from gas-powered to electric units.

How To Choose The Best Gas Weed Eater

After including it in our battery-powered weedeater roundup, we found that every model had an area of expertise. But, the Husqvarna battery-powered string trimmer excelled in just about every category we tested. Gas weed eaters are almost always more powerful than their electric counterparts. Basically, you use a string trimmer to cut grass and weeds in areas that lawn mowers won’t reach. That includes tight spots and sensitive areas you don’t want to damage, like the grass around your flower beds or hardscapes.

  • And you may also need to take breaks when using.Also not that great for the environment, but when choosing your best option you have to give a little and take a little.
  • The straight shaft is easy to control and the Smart Start allows you to easily start the trimmer too.
  • One of the neatest features of this trimmer is the adjustable handle.
  • On the other hand, if you have a property larger than two acres, then a professional or heavy-duty machine will make things more comfortable to deal with.
  • As a close runner up, the Honda HHT35SLTAT deserves its own honorable mention.
  • a longer gas weed eater tends to be easier to use without requiring the user to hunch over.
  • This is a wonderful feature because gas trimmers that don’t have it can take a while to start up, which is hard on the motor and starting mechanism.
  • Now that you have an idea of the best brush cutter models let’s unpack them in further detail., We’ll look at a few other models we think are top choices for the best brush cutter.
  • It also does not have a split shaft that would allow more sophisticated attachments like pole saws, blowers and edgers.
  • This multi-purpose tool can be used to perform a number of trimming, mowing, and hedging jobs with great ease.
  • The construction of grips can affect a user’s comfort and fatigue levels, so look for ergonomic designs that have a comfortable fit.
  • This well-reviewed option isn’t cheap, but you’ll get a quality return on your investment with a product designed for the professionals.

Proper research is essential before buying the best troy bilt vs husqvarna weed eater for yourself. Ensure that you are reading from highly-reliable, trustworthy websites or any other sources. The 40-volt battery drives the 13-inch trimming head for up to 1 hour before needing to be replaced. The trimmer has a 15-inch trimming radius and a dual-string cutting head with a bump-feed system for quick trimmer string feeding that doesn’t interrupt the work.

Husqvarna String Trimmer 129c, 129l & 129djx

The curved easy-use handle provides total control over the machine in use, with an excellent balance in the front and back. The shell of the best gas weed eater can be straight, curved, as well as collapsible depending on the model of best-rated gas string trimmers. More reliable are straight shells made of metal, but household devices often are equipped with curved plastic shells, which is justified by their practicality and lightweight.

This Hitachi model is powered by a 21.1cc PureFire 2-cycle engine. Apart from being very durable, it is lightweight for easier and more comfortable usage and maneuverability. There is no weed or overgrowth you will not be able to trim with this Hitachi trimmer. Moreover, it comes with a two-year commercial and seven-year consumer use warranty. And they can also hold more cutting string than a electric weed whacker. Homeowners looking for the most affordable brush cutter will love this Remington model.

Husqvarna 128ld String Trimmer Review

If it doesn’t start on a couple of pulls, move the dial to the semi-choke position and pull again. Ease of use is also an important factor since, by nature, a weed eater has to be held and operated by hand. The construction of grips can affect a user’s comfort and fatigue levels, so look for ergonomic designs that have a comfortable fit. How a weed eater is powered correlates to the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool. Personally I prefer the split shaft power heads – I can swap in a short pole pruner, brush blade, even a tiller or snow paddle, as needed.

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Some issues with the Stihl FS 56 RC-E Trimmer are that it feels quite heavy to hold and the Tap Action bump head isn’t particularly impressive. The Husqvarna 324 L 4-Cycle Gas String Trimmer is the best overall. At the same time the Wild Badger Power WBP31BCF 31 cc Gas 4-Cycle Straight Shaft Trimmer is the best lightweight option in our opinion. Knowing all about the 7 best 4-cycle weed eaters of 2021 may seem enough information to go ahead and buy one.

A brush trimmer is an essential tool for any homeowner, gardener, or landscaper. A brush cutter is similar to a string edger, but it’s suitable for tougher cutting tasks. Some model feature wire instead of a string, or they might come with a dedicated brush trimming head featuring steel blades. If you want a lighter trimmer, choose electric and if you want a more comfortable and ergonomically designed tool, then choose a trimmer with a curved shaft. Other features to consider include anti-vibration and extra-padded handles.

Protective clothing will also protect you from insects and flying debris. For consumers who prefer a battery-powered trimmer, Husqvarna offers durable chargers and reliable Li-ion batteries that charge quickly. Husqvarna designs each engine and starter to work together to start quickly so you can get to your work when you’re ready. We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Shaft is a bit short, which could be awkward for very tall users.

Where To Store A Gas Weed Eater?

That’s because it uses Honda’s proprietary Quick Start system that minimizes the amount of force needed to achieve ignition. The Husqvarna 129C is a serious bargain among high-quality curved gas weed eaters. Like other weed eaters from this brand, you can expect its 2-year warranty to be full honored as well. With that kind of price and warranty combined, you can certainly see why buyers of this model have become such fans of the brand in the long-run. Next up is the Husqvarna 129C, which has really made an effort to redefine “ease of use” when it comes to gas weed eaters.

The four-cycle engine uses pure gas while two-stroke engines use a mixture of fuel and oil. You should ensure the two are mixed in their right ratios if your machine is to work efficiently and serve you for years. Designed for either residential or commercial use, the Echo SRM-225 has a 21.2cc professional-grade 2-stroke motor. The 59-inch shaft allows for impressive reach under shrubs and equipment for a perfectly manicured lawn. The 129L gives homeowners the chance to use this Husqvarna professional motor on a lightweight, consumer-grade model. You’ll power through yardwork with less fatigue using this model, allowing you to work faster and smarter.

A string trimmer can be used to cut grass, though you need to be careful not to cut the grass too short while trying to keep the trimmer balanced. Cordless string trimmers tend to cost a bit more than corded models but are often very easy to maneuver. The downside is that the batteries must be recharged between each use, and they don’t always perform as well as corded models. For a small to medium-sized residential needs, the battery-powered 115iL model is a perfect choice. It is light, easy to handle, and is versatile to handle your yard work needs. Power, maneuverability, and ease of starting the weed eater were three primary points of focus for this review.

This weed eater from Greenworks is a corded option that offers great runtime without the pungent fumes from a gas trimmer. This is a versatile gas weed eater that can cut through a large area of your yard at once with its 17” cutting diameter. With the capability to attach separately sold items such as a pole saw, edger, and cultivator directly to the weed eater, this product can tackle more than just trimming and edging. The 129L weed wacker comes with a straight shaft which you’ll find is more easier to control than the curved shaft. Everything else is about the same, including the Smart Start® feature and the 27cc engine. To fully understand let’s break down the other options,like electric and battery operated.

Our primary goal was to assess power and run time, but we also wanted to see if each machine was comfortable and well balanced, and whether its line feed was finicky or robust. For cordless trimmers, we charged each trimmer’s battery and inserted it, put on face and hearing protection and work gloves, and waded into the worst of it and slashed ahead. To feed out fresh line, we made repeated use of the trimmer’s bump-feed mechanism, calling for fresh line at a rate two or three times what you would normally need. Like many yard tools, weed eaters come in outlet-powered, battery-powered, and gas-powered varieties. Gas powered weed eaters are more powerful, but require you to have gas on hand and may be more difficult to start up.

It is also designed to be exceptionally easy to start – the SpringAssist feature makes pulling the string much easier, meaning it’s a breeze to start it up. If you go back to the beginning of the article, you will see that the 128LD basically ticks off all the options we suggested when choosing the best gas string trimmer. Simple as that, now go out and enjoy all the trimming endeavors with your new best friend, the Husqvarna 128LD. Also, it sports a straight shaft design and its cutting width of 17 inches is far superior to lighter duty models.

This way not only, but your friends can also use the same product should they choose to borrow it from you for a few days. When you don’t mind spending a little extra to get more benefits from your investment, the Husqvarna 128LD is a good buy. We recommend it for those who are looking for a robust solution to clean a garden or yard. If you live in a place where your garden tends to get covered with thick bushes and weeds, the Husqvarna 128LD String Trimmer can be an ideal choice.

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The Husqvarna 128LD is a gas weed eater/string trimmer with a 28cc engine and a cutting width of 17 inches. Size, weight, and maneuverability of your weed trimmer should accommodate the type of work you need to get done. If your yard has a lot of trees or lawn furniture and you need to get in nooks and crannies, stay away from heavy-duty weed eaters with wide shields. A heavier option may be a better fit though if you’ve got an open space and you want a power tool that can make strong, sweeping cuts through intense brush.

It works quite well and is preferred by many to the traditional straight-shaft design. It uses the same tap ‘n go system that many of the other trimmers we reviewed do. This weed trimmer, by Poulan Pro, is a suitable alternative if you prefer the 4-stroke models.

Just like other models in the Versatile Use category, this one is a gas-powered trimmer so you don’t have to think about the battery, all you need is gas. Just keep in mind that gas trimmers are harder to maintain that the battery powered ones. Choose a Husqvarna weed eater with a long, straight shaft if you need the added length and superior leverage offered by these tools. Or choose a model with a curved shaft if manageability and a lighter weight are your preferences.

Landscapers and contractors looking for the best industrial model in this review get the most out of this Makita model. This brush cutter features wide handlebars for superior control over the machine. You get an ergonomic trigger with a locking mechanism and adjustable length. This Husky model features Smart Start technology for first-time starts. You also get a purge valve allowing for overhead use of the machine without the carburetor running dry.

husqvarna weed eater reviews

On the outside, Dewalt DCST920P1 series offers a sleek visual appeal of yellow and black. It is the same color combination which the company has been using on practically every line of power tool that they have released to date. EGO Power+ string trimmer batteries basically require the purchase of official EGO Power+ proprietorship battery charger. This string trimmer is available in 5 different variations to help suit the needs of different users. The only downside of owning a EGO string trimmer, regardless of the voltage version, is that you need to own official EGO chargers. Other regular chargers don’t work well with EGO+ batteries and they may take several hours to reach the full charge stage.

String trimmers are noisy tools in general, but gas models are the loudest of the group. Gas trimmers are typically heavier and more expensive than electric models as well. It is geared up with the Smart Start system which means it is extremely easy to start up unlike other gas powered weed eaters. It also has the E-Tech II for lowered exhaust emissions and is 50% less loud.

husqvarna weed eater reviews

Here we have yet another reputable trimmer with a 2-stroke engine that sports 25cc of displacement and delivers just a little under one horsepower. Gas trimmers come equipped with motors on top, so they have a much better overall balance during trimming. You will need the right tools to get the job done, so you’ve come to the right place. The Zen of enjoying its beauty has no price but it doesn’t come easy.

This trimming job then brings out the best in your lawn with well-defined edges and clean-cut corners. You can’t just put it on a shelf, for a long period of time as the fuel might go outside. Also, you need to choose a place that can’t be reached by children in order to prevent them from danger.

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One Amazon customer pointed out that the trimmer provides comparable power to that of a gas trimmer, but without the powerful fumes. On arrival, many reviewers raved about its easy assembly, allowing them to get out and take care of their yard quickly. It is loaded with the power you need to cut through tall, thick weeds easily, and it cuts a wide path. The price is right, and this trimmer, like all Husqvarna weed eaters, comes with a great warranty if there are any manufacturer defects or other issues. How much power a string trimmer produces is a vital consideration. Some string trimmers do not produce much power at all, which can cause them to get hung up on even moderately dense weeds.

Finally, it comes with a Reel-Easy dual-line bump feed string head. The last category I want to share with you is the most expensive one because it has the best Husqvarna grass trimmer models. This is one of the weakest models which is equipped with a 25cc 4-stroke engine, but it can cut almost every type of weeds you could have in your yard. It uses pure gas so you don’t have to mix oil and fuel like you must on the 2-stroke engines. The straight shaft is easy to control and the Smart Start allows you to easily start the trimmer too.

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