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Your field or lawn will be looking fresher than ever. Work smarter, not harder with the Yard Tuff Drag Harrow. Put a thin layer of soil across the area you want to level. You then want to push your lawn leveling rake back and forth smoothly across the area until the soil is evenly spread throughout the area. Sometimes erroneously called “lawn rakes” or “fan rakes,” these rakes have plastic tines instead of metal ones.

The other blue house is from the 60s and has a similar garage treatment as yours. The photo shows a period-appropiate porch treatment. The yellow houses show the contrasting siding treatments. All these colors are probably brighter in the renderings than they would have been in real life. MidCenturyHomeStyle is a good place to get a sense of period design aesthetic as is RetroRenovation. Filling in some softer shrubbery and widening the planting be would help too.

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Those large black particles hold the nutrients and moisture. The sand just holds the organic particles in place. My goal is to level the lawn enough to use the lowest setting on the mower (~3/4″) and have the lawn grow super dense. After tons of research, I was unable to find much consistent info. Other people said you should never use builders sand and you should only use river sand.

If you are about to install new sod and need to level your lawn beforehand, read Leveling Your Soil and Preparing for Installation. Be sure to also check out our Soil Management for Lawns and Gardens blog and Why is Carbon Important to Your Lawn? After the ground has been sufficiently leveled, it is a good idea to irrigate the ground. Many times, air pockets or unsettled areas remain unseen from above ground. This helps the soil settle again so you can anticipate how leveled your lawn really is. If areas still seem to look unleveled, go back and add more topsoil or try shifting some of the soil around to create a smooth, leveled surface again.

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If it isn’t, then fill in your lawn with more top-dressing. Do not try to level your lawn if you suspect and underlying issues. Slowly walk across the length of your lawn and pull the roller behind you to flatten the lawn. When you reach the other end of your lawn, turn the roller around and start a new strip that slightly overlaps the first one. Keep working across your lawn until you’ve rolled it completely.

yard leveling rake

River sand grains are spherical, polished, and irregular size from very fine to large rocks. It does not stay put and tends to settle and pack down hard. It is really the first and last choice for professionals. First choice because it is dirt cheap and chosen to win a bid. Last choice for those who want quality, and do not mind paying a little extra. On the high spots we had the sand fairly shallow, but in some of the holes the grass was completely buried.

As demonstrated in the video below, laying your sod can be done in a matter of minutes, giving your lawn a brand-spanking-new appearance with the minimum of effort. This is done by using a tiller, which will essentially break up the top 3/4 inches of soil, leaving it loose and easier to work with. This can be done by simply transferring the dirt you remove from the raised area to the depressions and low points, removing rocks and clods of dirt as you go. Before that, let’s take a look at a few questions you might have about leveling your yard and yard grading.

yard leveling rake

Over time, China’s citizens began to use the rake as a weapon. Farmers needed to be able to defend themselves but were forbidden to use weapons that were meant for the upper classes. The “yueyachan”, is known to be the oldest weapon-like rake, used mainly by travelers. Bamboo rakes are very strong, although they are not quite as strong or brittle as plastic rakes tend to be. One of the major perks of using a bamboo rake is that when the rake has reached the end of its life, the bamboo head can be composted.

Alternatively, if your lawn has more dips than mounds, you can fill them in with lawn soil. First, water your lawn to loosen the soil, and pull up any grass in dips that are deeper than 2 inches. Then, shovel the lawn soil into the dips, and spread it out evenly with a rake.

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I’m not planning on getting all the way to putting green standards, but the principles hold true no matter how serious you are. Prior to fixing the problem of a bumpy yard, evaluate the seriousness of the situation. Are we talking small/moderate bumps or is the case closer to critical? Your approach in dealing with a bumpy lawn will depend on how severe the problem is. If your lawn is mildly uneven, topdressing or filling in the holes will help. If the problem is a lot more serious, you’re going to need to make the most of other lawn leveling solutions (e.g. regrading).

I am not claiming to be any type of expert, but I would like to document my experiences in leveling my lawn. Hopefully someone will find this useful as I have learned so much from the site, I am hoping to be able to give back a little to the forum. Don’t perform the procedure after the heavy rain as the soil will be damp and thick and tough to handle. Rake the topdressing in order to spread it out properly. Apply 1/4”-1/2” of the soil blend on the tops of such lower areas.

If you are looking for a compact version of a lawn rake with a foldable handle, then I recommend checking out the FLY HAWK Lawn Leveling Rake. Its work head measures 17 inches by 10 inches, and the metal handle screws in two places. It is convenient to take such a tool with you, as it will easily fit into any car. The rake can be used to break up clods, level sports fields, and lawns, remove stones and prepare the soil for planting.

Be sure to let it settle once again before spreading and raking one last layer of good compost over the uneven areas of your lawn. A drag mat to level lawn can help you smooth out your yard better than tools like a lawn leveling rake. A Yard with perfectly leveled ground not only looks good but also feels great. A Yard containing lumps and bumps can be a serious safety hazard with various opportunities to cause falls, trips, and sprained ankles.

Lawns naturally settle over time and with new construction, it will most likely settle unevenly the first few years. Shallow or small areas can be fixed by topdressing. If the lawn has settled by an inch or more, you may need to remove the sod, back-fill, then return the sod. Berry rakes are long hand-held tools with a small rake at the end, and a bucket-like container attached. The purpose of these rakes is to gently pull berries from tall trees, and the aim is that the fallen berries are caught by the rakes bucket. If you have fruiting berry trees that you like to harvest each year, then a berry rake is a good time-saving tool that will help you to get the most out of your trees.

Repeatedly mowing your lawn in the same pattern can cause ruts to develop. A level, even lawn, with no bumps or dips, is extremely important to the majority of homeowners, as it presents a surface which is much more usable to play, walk and relax upon. A number of activities will be more enjoyable and basically safer, including tennis, football, croquet, or just running around for both adults and children. Plastic heads on rakes can have advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you want to use them for.

Fiberglass handles are both lightweight and strong, offering a good compromise between steel and aluminum rakes. They offer longevity and ease of use, though it will typically cost more to buy than an aluminum alternative. © Ozgur Coskun / Adobe StockIf the dents in your lawn are less than 1 inch deep, top dressing is a simple way to even them out. Both of the Yard Butler aerators are built to last and made of solid construction. It’s a manual device, meaning you’ll have to physically push and lift the aerator to collect and remove parts of the lawn.

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Treating some seriously low spots in the yard can be a headache. For such spots, topdressing may not work properly because it takes some time to work. Alternatively, remove the sod, correct the sinking cause, and then backfilling it with new soil is the best way.

  • This is a quick one-hour project and after you’re done, your tools will be organized and easy to reach.
  • By adding dirt on top of the grass, that covers part of the grass blades and puts the root deeper than before.
  • A lot of mid-century homes did combine “colonial” touches with mid-century modern, and while I prefer a more pure combination, this can work with some effort.
  • The sand went a lot better, because you can stick a shovel into sand and never hit a clod.
  • Coring aerators take 2 to 3-inch cores of grass and dirt from your lawn in order to aerate.
  • Rake the top dressing to even it out over the soil, then use a push broom to work it in further and uncover the grass.
  • However, in my opinion, the manufacturer could have made the handle with some kind of soft coating that would protect your palms from blisters.
  • The severity helps to dictate the approach towards the problem.
  • The water moved the sand from the high spots to the low spots.
  • Metal tines can handle a greater variety of material, such as mulch, gravel, sand, and soil.

Lightweight and easy for all to use, whether at home in your yard or in a professional capacity on a golf course or sports venue. The purpose of the sand is for keeping the desire level intact. Sand works great for this because it does not compact easily. Adding them to the mix creates a fertile environment in which your grass can grow and thrive long term. Once you have dethatched, you will begin to bring up the low sections of the lawn or filling any large holes or fissures.

Rakes can also be used to level surfaces such as gravel, pebbles, tarmac, bark, and soil. Hand rakes are small and can be used around smaller plants and flowers. While the metal tines may rust if left wet for extended periods of time, this rust does not in any way inhibit the use of the rake. Plastic rake heads are very common and are generally used on leaf rakes. Plastic heads and tines are very light, making these rakes easy for young children or elderly people to use without exerting a lot of effort or running into too much trouble. This is a more specialized kind of rake, and not one that most homeowners will have.

yard leveling rake

Water the ground and evaluate the condition of your yard. If it’s still lumpy, feel free to repeat the procedure. Brinly is a company that has designed and manufactured gardening tools for over 175 years. They offer innovative, high-quality, and durable products. The tool is also useful in pasture renovation, root raking, and the incorporation of herbicides as well as paddock maintenance, among other uses. I have worked as a landscape designer, and on multiple occasions, at job sites, we used this chain harrow.

My house in San Antonio had been washing out for decades before we moved in. About $100, and I rarely need it but very easy to use yard leveling rake and doesn’t take up much space rollled up. Not too costly and very effective from everyone I’ve heard from that uses these.

yard leveling rake

I read about 1 other person on this site that used builders sand and seemed to have great results. The links to all of his pictures were dead, and I never was able to see them, but it appeared as though everyone was impressed. After reading that post, I decided to use builders sand, and I decided that I would try and replicate everything that the Leveling company did to my neighbors lawns.

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