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How Do You Protect Marble Countertops

Miracle sealants have created an oil-based sealant which offers a level of superiority to water-based versions. Sealers protect marble from staining but they don’t protect from acidic elements or general wear and tear. However, the best marble sealers on the market are an excellent way to make your surface last longer while enjoying the aesthetic qualities of the unique stone.

The mixture is reviewed to perform exceptionally well on treating grouts and enhances clarity of your marble without disrupting a natural look. Which is why we’ve picked nothing but the best marble sealers after a rigorous scavenging through all the products that are available in the market right now. If you are looking to buy a marble sealer, chances are you’re passionate about your décor and definitely the marbles that were used to decorate it.

Surface Coverage

A water or oil based substance is applied to the surface. It works by forming a layer to protect the surface from stains. Black Diamond sealer can be used on concrete, grout, stone, and granite. The popular 1-quart size bottle will cover up to 300 square feet of your porous surface and protect it from stains. White this granite sealer might look like a pricey bottle of shampoo, it’s actually an extraordinarily safe, easy to apply sealer. If you’ve been searching for a non-toxic granite sealer for your kitchen, patio, or bathroom, SimpleCoat might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

  • However, this sealer’s resistance to water and oil damage will be worth that extra effort.
  • On the outside, the Countertop Sealer would adequately protect the exposed elements of stone, brick and concrete exposed to weather and de-icing salts.
  • Unfortunately, once a stone begins to spall, it is almost impossible to repair.
  • I tested dark marble, creme marble, slate, and later – white marble, grey limestone, and dark grey soapstone.
  • If you get a honed finish it will be less likely to show scratches as much.
  • The biggest reason for using marble is that it looks elegant and beautiful.
  • Granite countertops, like other natural stone countertop materials such as, marble, sandstone and slate are resistant to staining and easier to clean only when properly sealed.
  • The best way to keep your Calacatta marble backsplash and marble countertops clean and looking beautiful is to seal them with a safe and effective marble sealer.
  • The formula mixes fluoropolymer lubrication with high-strength polymers with an industrial-grade carrier to provide the best possible stain protection.
  • Reviewers express general satisfaction at how well this sealer keeps liquids out of the marble surfaces they have applied it on.
  • This sealer takes that into consideration and is designed to be weather resistant and UV transparent.
  • You might like the Miracle Sealants Marble protection because of the resistance to falls.
  • And the latter enhances the color of the marble and gives it a smooth and wet look.

Penetrating solutions are best for glossy marble surfaces where topical formulas are more acceptable for matte floors and products. Understanding how sealers work can help you decide which product type is preferable. However, the vast majority of natural stone countertops do need to be sealed once in awhile.


This means that it is important to choose the best sealer for polished marble. These tend to be ones that can penetrate through the smaller pores, penetrating deep inside the stone to do their work. Adding marble sealer will slow the rate of absorption way down so that the owner will have plenty of time to wipe up any spills that could stian or damage the marble. Now that we have covered how to tell if a marble surface needs sealed, let’s look at some factors that will affect how often a given slab needs to be sealed. But what if you are helping a customer that has their heart set on marble?

This process created a thin barrier so nothing can get into the stone at all. It’s a very expensive process, but it comes with a guarantee and well worth the investment if you’ve spent a lot redoing your kitchen. I personally LOVE marble, so this is what we plan on doing when we redo our best sealer for marble countertops kitchen. Just some advice in case anyone is really interested in having marble, but doesn’t want the hassle. So, he told us that the challenge with what we were looking for is that generally speaking, the lighter quartzite is in color , the more likely it is to stain inconsistently.

Staining is when liquids like red wine or coffee get into the pores of the stone and leave behind a hint of their coloring. Waiting a few weeks allows all moisture to evaporate from the newly installed tile and grout. Rather they are guidelines to help you gain a better understanding of sealing Carrara marble. A true marble stain is from some substance absorbing into the marble creating a dark spot.

Hence, you need to re-seal them more frequently – maybe once every few months. This will keep your marble countertop looking fresh and beautiful and will protect it from damages. Topical Sealer – This type is made from natural wax, polyurethane, or acrylics. As the name suggests, the sealer stays only on the surface of the stone. So they are effective at preventing stains from seeping in but they may wear out quickly.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Sealer

You’ll need to repeat the process about once a month to keep your countertop protected from stains or scratches. While marble sealers can help prevent stains, they can never completely seal the marble countertop. They don’t protect from damage, they don’t polish the surface, and they don’t stop etching. If you choose a marble like that, spills that stain are not a big deal as long as you wipe them up fairly soon. It’s important to clean marble countertops with warm, soapy water only. Make sure to use a pH neutral stone cleaneror you may etch the surface.

Applying a topical sealer changes the look and slip properties of the surface. Besides, water vapour and gases can escape through it. You should purchase a marble sealer that provides a quick intermediary time between multiple coatings and cures fast. This will significantly improve the speed of your workflow. It’ll also allow you to correct errors in coating (e.g. an uneven coat) with ease. This product can cover up to 500-square feet of marble.

First Step To Sealing Carrara Marble

Rock doctor equips the sealer with a specialized penetration feature, allowing the carrier to help the resins reach difficultly placed and deeper pores of the marble. That means, the sealer also creates a protective finish over the marvel, giving you an additional layer of security. It comes in a grey metal can with a plastic push-cap for safe storage while not in use. The transparent sealer is equipped with “super penetrators” for effectively blocking hard-to-reach pores. It uses triple-layered sealer molecules to further ensure a thorough penetration, providing the highest-grade resistance against salt caused stains and water spots. The multifunctional sealer also provides protection against water-spots, streaks, and hazy/gloomy areas appearing on the surface.

Once the water or solvent dries, it leaves the resins behind to protect the surface from stains. If the sealer soaks into the crevices and pores of the marble before 15 minutes is up, apply more sealer, and repeat. What you want at the end is to wipe off any remaining sealer that remains on the surface. If it dries before you can wipe it up with a dry cloth or paper towel, simply spray more sealer, wait a few minutes, and wipe up. Marble countertops need to be sealed, which will slow down water penetration and other stains.

This product will remove the stain without leaving any residue behind, leaving your countertop looking as good as new. It can be used on various natural stones, including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, onyx and gemstone. Sealing is the process of applying a sealer to your countertop to protect the surface from damages. Since most types of natural stone are porous, the material is susceptible to damage from liquid and stains that can penetrate the surface. However, the sealer is designed to absorb into the pores of the stone and harden, which will help to protect your countertop. If properly sealed, your natural stone countertops will stay in great shape for years to come.

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We think the resistance to germ penetration is our favorite benefit of using the Black Diamond sealant. You might find the non-toxic formula and germ protection equally important for the safety it provides your family. We recommend using this product when you have plenty of time to let it dry without touching it.

We are here to protect your countertop with the best sealers required. The same is true for your marble accessories, surfaces, and extensions. They definitely provide a substantial amount of protection, making it less likely for stains, dusts, and debris to sink into the marble and become permanent. We recommend looking for a sealer that is produced without usage of harmful chemical elements like ammonia, alcohol, etc. Also, ensure that the sealer is biodegradable, doesn’t release any nasty odor, and engineered not to emit health hazardous chemical emissions. This UV light deflecting sealer can also clean mineral concentrated areas.

Applying the Miracle Sealants Plus to a marble surface will not affect the surface’s natural appearance. It is easy to apply and can be used on both interior and exterior marble surfaces, including those intended for food preparation. There is a wide range of granite and marble sealers available in the market. Plus, it also depends on how porous your kitchen countertop is.

The SYNCHKG is an elegant combination of sealer and protectant that provides you sustained maintenance for all types of marbles. The biggest reason for using marble is that it looks elegant and beautiful. A good sealer will help keep up your marble’s outstanding appearance, be it interior or exterior. It’s a relatively easy task for the results you can get, which is, the marble will stay undamaged for up to a year. The thin formula is easier to work with and can be applied in even layers.

best sealer for marble countertops

Calacatta marble is more porous than other types of marble and as a result, more vulnerable to damage. While Calacatta marble is a great choice for a backsplash, it has its challenges as a kitchen countertop. It is slightly more porous than other varieties of marble and thus, more vulnerable to damage.

The pH-neutral cleaners do a pretty good job at sealing your marble surfaces. The specialized “cleaner + sealer” strategy provides a comfortable user experience. The product provides strong protection against common yet dangerous stain marks, caused by wine & coffee spills, oil, sticky food items like caramel syrup and peanut butter, etc. Each canister is able to cover a 100 to 120-square feet marble surface.

Use it to protect your valuable surfaces in your home. Being destined for professionals, Stone Care international sealer for marble floors is actually what it promises to be. It comes in an attractive package, and it promises to remove grease, mud from a surface and protect it. We are pleased to say that it does handle all of this pretty well.

Each gallon is enough to cover a four thousand square feet area. However, this varies on the type of marble being used. For example, 1 US liquid quart will cover from 700 to a 1000-sqaure feet polished white Carrara marble surface. Marble accessories, extensions, and surfaces are porous.

With homemade granite sealers, shake the spray bottle before use to ensure the ingredients are well mixed. With commercial granite sealers, follow the instructions for mixing. We recommend that you decide whether to seal your countertops based on what your countertops need, rather than on an arbitrary calendar.

We aren’t perfect, and it’s hard to avoid them when actively using the kitchen. The worst offenders are acids like lemon juice, but it can happen from things I don’t even think of being acidic – like granny smith apples. Sealers from any of these manufacturers would be great choices.

The grout joints are especially susceptible to staining, so it is important that they get coated thoroughly. Let the sealer dry completely—this usually takes two to four hours. The best thing about this sealer is it really goes give the results it claims to offer and you won’t be left disappointed. As long as it’s wiped thoroughly with a damp cloth it will achieve a lovely finish. There’s nothing negative to say about this sealant.It’s strong, durable, offers video instructions and it’s one of the best marble sealers on the market.

Also, marble was considerably cheaper than granite when we were shopping for counters. Sealers go a long way to protect your floor from stains, but they act as a shield and stains still need to be cleaned. Fluids such as coffee and wine will leave a stain so cleaning it as soon as you spot it will ensure your surface is undamaged.

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